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This is my diary page where I will keep you informed of what is going on in my birdroom.

18th May 2009

Approx 70 chicks now on the go with no major problems, 1st round chicks are now moulting - hopefully they will come out looking as well as or better than they started!! only time and a lot of praying will tell! Hopefully if they come out the same or better then my greens will  have improved over last years birds.

I hate moulting time, I've continued feeding bulgar wheat in my softfood mix along with other additives. The birds seem to really enjoy it, I don't know if its the extra fibre (more than nearly three times the amount found in cous cous) or not but they seem stronger and healthier birds also it seems to break up and mix better than cous cous. No doubt some people will prefer cous cous but I will stick with something tried and tested and obviously working. I've had a lot of e-mails from round the UK off fanciers saying how disastrous a season its been. I thought the worse one was one saying he'd had 62 clear eggs but I've just received one from a fancier in the midlands stating he has lost 14 nests of chicks ranging from 3 days to 10 days old - mainly the hens deserting them. He has 11 youngsters left, I tried to give possible explanations and help etc. (mite, unfit/young hens/external problems such as cats/hawks/other birds/type of food, troublesome cockbirds etc etc, but it seems he has tried just about everything he can to rectify the problem with no luck as yet. By all accounts its been a bad season for the border men as well with birds not breeding etc. My own view is the border has been too interbred and pushed to the limit, hopefully the fife isn't heading the same way and next year will be better for those fanciers who so far have struggled to breed,
best of luck to all

19 April 2009

All systems go in the birdroom with 46 chicks now on the go - 27 weaned off and on the sticks. I'm swapping some pairings about now and these hens will be finished after this round. I've been keeping a few hens back to go to a buff cock that I've been promised so hopefully it will arrive soon, if not I will give them a round to another proven cock then hopefully be finished for the season by the end of May. The reports I've been getting from a lot of breeders hasn't been good - a lot of them have suffered lots of clear eggs and hens deserting the young in the first few days so with the season I've had so far I've been very fortunate!!!

29 March 2009

Breeding season is now in full swing with approx 30+ chicks on the go. About ten of these have left the nest and some look very promising with plenty of cut in the neck, good heads etc.. I've been experimenting with a alternative for cous cous which is called Bulgar wheat. Its prepared in exactly the same easy way as cous cous and about the same price but with more nutritional values than cous cous. The birds seem to like it a lot more so along with my other additives I will be using this in my softfood mix for the rest of the season 


6 March 2009

Most of my hens are either sitting /laying or building now. I've got two nests due out on Sunday (8 March) and more over the next fortnight. Four of my hens were dropping eggs before the cock was with them so I've let them finish the cycle and are now building again. 

I had a very bad start to the 2009 season losing my best clear buff cock and my two best clear buff hens. I also lost a cracking blue buff cock I got from Gerald Spencer and a cinny carrier tpd yellow cock. All except two of these birds were bouncing and I blame there deaths on the paint I have just used on my breeding cages! I've since rectified the problem by re-painting etc. So now my clear line has taken a serious beating and I'm having to rely on just a couple of pairs to breed my clears although I may get the odd one out of some of my clear to variegated pairings. 

I'd just like to finish up by saying good luck to all for this season


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